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Geschäftsführer: Jon Ander Lopetegui Galarraga.
Adresse: Industrialdea zona A - parc. 35, 20159 Asteasu, Gipuzkoa, Spanien.
Handelsregisternummer: A-20101150
USt.-Id-Nr: ESA20101150

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AMC-MECANOCAUCHO antivibration solutions solve a noise problem generated by rooftop swimming pools

rooftop swimming pools

rooftop swimming pools

AMC Mecanocaucho offers a simple solution that largely attenuates structure-borne noise and vibrations


Contractors and Architects are increasingly obliged to offer a touch of exclusivity and a wow factor in their constructions due to the wide range of housing available today. One resource vastly gaining ground is the rooftop swimming pool. But this dream can turn into a nightmare for others; swimming pools are an important source of noise and vibrations that are transmitted to the adjacent buildings, creating bothersome noise for their residents.

AMC Mecanocaucho offers a simple solution that largely attenuates structure-borne noise and vibrations. The solution lies in installing an anti vibration mounting to the swimming pool basin using Sylomer and Sylodyn materials. This treatment is very simple to apply and has no effect on the traditional way pools are installed. The system involves fitting an elastic sheet to the framework, covering the entire surface onto which the swimming pool basin will subsequently be installed. It is essential to fit the elastic suspension to both the floor and the walls of the pool basin to ensure complete elastic separation and prevent acoustic bridges from occurring.

piscinas en azoteas

The good results obtained are visible in projects carried out, where they successfully meet the strictest of international acoustic regulations. One example of this type of solution is the swimming pool built in San Sebastian in Basque country, Spain. In this applications engineers AMC-MECANOCAUCHO and FIARK Architect cabinet found a solution based on Sylomer SR11 material 50 mm thick, with our sights set on obtaining t 10Hz of natural frequency, assuring very good values of insulation against the transmission of noise and vibration.

piscinas en azoteas
Images are gently provided by FIARK Architect cabinet

More references of buildings in which this treatment has been applied:

1983Hotel Alt Erlaa1500 m3ViennaAustria
2013Hotel Fliana70 m3IschglAustria
2014Biohotel Stangelwirt130 m3Going, TirolAustria
2014Hotel Feldhof94 m3NaturnsItaly
2014Urumea pasealekua40 m3San SebastianSpain
2015Hotel Grand Ferdinand70 m3ViennaAustria
2015Hotel Alpenwelt160 m3KönigsleitenAustria
2015Hotel Regina150 m3SöldenAustria
2015Granadhotel160 m3SöldenAustria
2015Quellenhof Resort380 m3St. MartinoItaly
2015Hotel Prokulus37 m3NaturnsItaly
2015Hotel Jagdhof200 m3MarlingItaly
2015Resident Towers100 m3Las VegasUSA
2015Arangoiti75 m3BilbaoSpain
2015Algorta70 m3GetxoSpain

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